Ph.D. Scholars Enrolled in the DPMB

No. Scholar Supervisor  Research Topic  Ph.D. 
Regn # Date of 
Tentative Date of  completion  Availing Fellowship
 Yes No 
Funding Agency of Fellowshi
1 Aishwarya Sharma J.P. Khurana & 
Paramjit Khurana
Functional Analysis of some rice bZIP Transcription Factors for their role in Abiotic Stress Response and Plant Development Full
SF-1/Ph.D/ 2017/1180 2017-09-06 2022-09-05 Yes UGC
2 Akanksha Bhatnagar J.P. Khurana Functional characterization of genes involved in regulating the development and abiotic stress response in rice Full
SF-1/Ph.D/ 2013/925 2013-04-16 2018-04-15 yes CSIR
3 Amrapali Arun Sharma Study of mechanism of action of  Methyl CpG binding-domain proteins AtMBD1and AtMBD13 in gene regulation in Arabidopsis Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2012/904 2012-08-23 2018-08-22 Yes UGC
4 Ankita Prusty Akhilesh K. Tyagi Functional analysis of genes involved in seed development in rice Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2016/1114 2016-08-16 2021-08-15 Yes DST
5 Balaji M.  Surekha Katiyar-Agarwal Molecular characterization of stress associated proteins in plants Full
SDC-12/12 2012-07-12 2017-07-11 No UGC Non-Net
6 Barkha Ravi Girdhar K. Pandey Elucidation of potassium sensing and signaling machinery in Arabidopsis and Rice Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2017/1181 2017-08-25 2022-08-24 Yes UGC Non-Net
7 Bhoomika Sharma Arun Sharma Regulation of ripening in tomato by genetic manipulation of the epigenome Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2016/1115 2016-08-16 2021-08-15 Yes DBT
8 Chanderkant Chowdhary Paramjit Khurana Thesis Title: Wheat chromosom 2A BAC end sequencing and functional characterization of genes associated with stress tolerance Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2012/960 2012-07-12 Thesis Submitted on 2018-10-29  Yes DBT
9 Cheeni Vijayakumar Surekha Katiyar-Agarwal Functional characterization of Arabidopsis Hsfs Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2013/926 2013-04-16 2018-07-12 Yes UGC
10 Deepika Sharma Saurabh Raghuvanshi Analysis of drought responsive regulatory network in plants Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2015/1055 2015-10-29 2020-10-28 Yes UGC
11 Dipanwita Datta Surekha Katiyar-Agarwal Understanding the molecular basis of development and stress tolerance Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2018/1238 2018-03-27 2023-03-26 Yes UGC Non-Net
12 Eshan Sharma J.P. Khurana Functional characterization of some stress response genes in rice Full
SF-1/Ph.D/ 2012/908 2012-11-16 2017-11-15 Yes CSIR
13 Garima Singh Anil Grover Regulation of heat stress genes in rice and Arabidopsis Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2013/939 2013-07-22 2018-07-21 Yes UGC
14 Gaurav Kumar Indranil Dasgupta Molecular analysis of stress response dynamics in rice (Oryza sativa L.) against rice tungro viruses and assessment of RNAi mediated viral resistance in transgenic and backcrossed rice varieties Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2011/849 2011-11-11 2017-11-10 Yes UGC
15 Gautam Gawande Sanjay Kapoor Identification and functional characterization of gene regulatory networks involved in plant reproductive development Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2015/1056 2015-10-29 2020-10-28 Yes UGC-BSR
16 Harsha Samtani Paramjit Khurana Comparative Genomics for Thermal Stress Tolerance in Members of the Triticeae Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2017/1182 2017-09-06 2022-09-05 Yes UGC
17 Jyothish M.S. Surekha Katiyar-Agarwal Molecular studies on gene regulation during stress and development in plants Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2012/899 2012-07-12 2018-07-11 Yes UGC
18 Kamlesh Kumari Indranil Dasgupta Studies on interaction of rice with its viruses Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2015/1059 2015-10-29 2021-10-28 Yes UGC
19 Kanika Gupta Indranil Dasgupta Functional studies on viral promoters Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2015/1057 2015-10-29 2021-10-28 Yes DST
20 Kanwaljeet Kaur Girdhar K. Pandey Interplay between kinases and phosphatases Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2015/1039 2015-06-15 2020-06-14 Yes DBT
21 Komal Sanjay Kapoor Functional characterization of regulatory components involved in reproductive development in rice Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2017/1157 2018-03-15 2023-03-14 Yes CSIR-UGC-NET
22 Lalit Dev Tiwari Anil Grover Functional relevance of heat shock genes in Arabidopsis and rice Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2013/927 2013-04-16 2018-04-15 Yes UGC
23 Lisha Khungar Anil Grover Analysis of the Protein Quality Control Mechanisms Underlying Adaptations of Plants to Heat Stress Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2017/1183 2017-09-06 2022-09-05 Yes DST Inspire
24 Madhvi Naresh  Indranil Dasgupta Plant gene silencing induced by virus injection Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2014/987 2014-04-15 2019-04-14 Yes UGC
25 N. Pavithran Girdhar K. Pandey Functional analysis of calcium and potassium nutrient signaling in plants Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2018/1236 2018-03-15 2023-03-14 Yes UGC Non-Net
26 Neelima Boora Sanjay Kapoor Identification and nutrient functional characterization of components involved in reproductive development in rice. Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2015/1060 2015-10-29 2020-10-28 Yes CSIR-JRF
27 Nikita Sharma Paramjit Khurana Molecular regulation of plant somatic embryogenesis Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2017/1158 2017-01-19 2021-01-18 Yes UGC
28 Nisha Negi Paramjit Khurana Genetic manipulation of M. indica variety V. Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2013/966 2013-10-23 2018-10-22 Yes DST
29 Pratibha Gour Saurabh Raghuvanshi Somatic digitization and characterization of molecular networks in rice Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2015/1016 2015-10-29 2020-10-28 Yes UGC
30 Priya Gambhir Arun Sharma Characterization of roles of ethylene response factor during tomato fruit ripening Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2015/1062 2015-10-29 2020-10-28 Yes DBT
31 Richa Babbar Anil Grover Analysis of heat stress response in rice and Arabidopsis Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2013/933 2013-07-22 2018-07-21 Yes DST
32 Ridhi Khurana Sanjay Kapoor Functional characterization of regulators of seed development in rice Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2017/1157 2017-01-19 2022-01-18 Yes  DBT Project Fellow
33 Rinchuila Shimphurai Anil Grover Heat stress biology in plants Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2016/1117 2016-09-14 2021-09-13 Non-Net UGC
34 Ringyo Jajo Saurabh Raghuvanshi Analysis of Stress Responsive Transcription Factors in Rice Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2017/1185 2017-08-25 2022-08-24 Yes CSIR
35 Ritesh Kumar Anil Grover Studies on the gene expression under stress condition in rice Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2013/941 2013-07-22 2018-07-21 Yes UGC
36 Sanchi Bhimrakja Sanjay Kapoor Understanding and Optimization of Gene Regulatory Networks Involved in Reproductive Developmenting Cereals Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2017/1186 2017-08-25 2022-08-24 Yes UGC Non-Net
37 Sanskriti Ravi Arun Sharma Study on effect of alteration of genomic DNA methylation on ripening of tomato Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2018/ 2018-03-15 2023-03-14 Yes CSIR
38 Santosh Kumar Saurabh Raghuvanshi Study of epigenetic regulatory mechanisms in rice Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2012/897 2012-07-12 2017-07-11 Yes DBT
39 Saroj Kumar Jha Girdhar K. Pandey Functions of Ca2+ transporters Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2014/975 2014-01-06 2019-01-05 Yes DST
40 Satyam Vergish J.P. Khurana Role of F-box proteins in light signalling and biological clock in rice. Full
SF-1/Ph.D/ 2013/940 2013-07-22 2018-07-21 yes ICMR
41 Shaloo Meena Paramjit Khurana Comparative and functional genomics of the thermal stress response in wheat Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2015/1040 2015-05-22 2020-05-21 Yes DBT
42 Shipra Singh J.P. Khurana Functional analysis of genes involved in light and hormone signalling in rice and Arabidopsis Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2016/1116 2016-08-16 2021-08-15 Yes CSIR
43 Shivam Sharma Akhilesh K. Tyagi Functional characterization of selected differentially expressed genes (OsCDPK29 and OsTFII13) in rice development Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2018/1240 2018-03-15 2023-03-14 Yes CSIR
44 Sibaji K. Sanyal Girdhar K. Pandey Plant Ca2+ signaling Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2014/1024 2014-12-17 2019-12-16 Yes DBT
45 Utkarsh 
Arun Sharma Transcriptome analysis and genetic manipulation for improving tomato fruit quality Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2014/999 2014-08-12 2019-08-11 Yes DBT
46 Vaishali Saurabh Raghuvanshi To study miRNA expression and regulation in rice Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2016/1118 2016-08-26 2021-08-25 Yes UGC Non-Net
47 Vibha Verma Sanjay Kapoor

Thesis Title: Characterization of OsMADS29 function:Its effects on cytokinin-mediated starch biosynthesis and involvement of calmodulin in its nuclear transport

SF-1/Ph.D./ 2013/929 2013-04-16

Thesis Submitted on 2019-03-07

Project Fellow
48 Vijendra Singh Arun Sharma Characterization of the role of proteins interacting with Arabidopsis DNA binding domain proteins Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2015/1065 2015-10-29 2020-10-28 Yes UGC
49 Vishal Akhilesh K. Tyagi Investigations on the mechanism of action of stress-associated protein (SAP) genes of rice Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2018/1241 2018-03-15 2023-03-14 Yes CSIR

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