Masters course in Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.

The M.Sc. Course in Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (PMBB) at Plant Molecular Biology Department (PMB), University of Delhi South Campus (UDSC) has been designed to expose students to the latest developments in the exciting and burgeoning areas of modern Plant Sciences. This course aims to prepare students to take research in Plant Molecular Biology and allied areas as a possible career option as well as to enable the generation of manpower for the emerging Plant Biotechnology industry.

The Course comprises Classroom Teaching, Laboratory Practicals, Tutorials in the form of Seminars and a Dissertation. Students are offered a total of twelve Theory Papers, of which ten are taught in the PMB Department and two in sister Departments within the Faculty of Interdisciplinary and Applied Sciences (FIAS), UDSC. Each Paper taught in PMB Department will be of six credits (two credits for Theory classes, three credits for Practical classes and one credit for Tutorial).

The twelve Theory Papers are uniformly spread over the first three Semesters. The first semester has two Papers offered by the PMB Department, one dealing with Basic Concepts and Techniques in Molecular Biology and the other dealing with Molecular Cell Biology. A Paper on Proteins – Structure, Folding and Engineering and another on Immunology is also taught in the first semester. In the second semester, the four Papers offered are Gene Expression in Prokaryotes, Molecular Basis of Plant Growth and Development, Plant Biochemistry and Metabolism and Introduction to Bioinformatics. The Paper Introduction to Bioinformatics offered by PMB Department is also open to students of other Departments of the FIAS. The third semester consists of four advanced Papers, namely Structure and Function of Eukaryotic Genome, Pattern Formation and Differentiation in Plants, Molecular Breeding and IPR related issues and Plant Biotechnology. A large number of Practicals related to all Theory Papers have been designed to provide students hands-on training. Tutorials in each Paper consists of Seminars on selected topics to be delivered by students. In the fourth semester, students devote their entire time to a Dissertation under the guidance of faculty members. The dissertation work involves detailed studies pertaining to a specific research problem and provides direct experience to the students of conducting research in a modern laboratory environment.


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