Faculty Responsibilities

S.No. Responsibilities Faculty
1 Admissions SK, SR      
2 CIF overall matters GKP
3 CIF-01: Instrumentation & cold rooms  (PMB Building) GKP 
4 CIF-02: Instrumentation (Biotech Building) SK, SR
5 CIF-03: Imaging Facility (PMB+Biotech) GKP, SK
6 CIF-04: Radioactivity & hazardous chemicals GKP
7 CIF-05: Media Room (PMB) SK-A
8 CIF-06: Green Houses (PMB) SR
9 CIF-07: Growth Chambers (PMB) SR
10 CIF-08: Arabidopsis Growth Room (PMB) GKP
11 CIF-09: Tobacco/Tomato & Rice (PMB) IDG
12 CIF-10: Computer+Projector Support (PMB) SR
13 CIF-11: Department ACs (PMB) AKS
14 CIF-12: Generators PK, SK
15 Cleanliness, Bathroom and Corridor Cleaning (PMB+Biotech)      AKS, SK 
17 Examinations, Teaching and student-related Affairs, Curriculum, Timetable, classroom needs, Seminar Club, MSc and Ph.D. Thesis Matters, M.Sc. Lab, Alumni Matters, Library books matters SK-A 
18 Finance Matters, Project takeovers, Write-offs,  AKS
19 Fire safety, drinking water and electricity issues (PMB +Biotech) AKT, SK
20 Internet Facility (PMB+Biotech)              SK, SR      
21 New Grants, Administrative Matters, University-Department Liaisoning, NAAC, NIRF Matters, department Staff matters, Annual reports    IDG
22 Security Committee, locking system (PMB+Biotech)        IDG, SK, SK-A
23 Space Committee IDG, SK, GKP, SR, SK-A
24 Sports meet AKS
25 Staff Meeting SR
27 Website-DPMB SK, SR
  [HOD will be a member of all above responsibilities]