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Friday Seminar | 18 Sept. | by Madhvi Naresh

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RNAi mediated broad-spectrum transgenic resistance in Nicotiana benthamianato chilli-infecting begomoviruses

 Madhvi Naresh: 18 September 2015

Chilli leaf curl disease (ChiLCD) caused by begomoviruses (family: Geminiviridae) has emerged as one of the most devastating viral diseases of chilli, especially in the Indian sub-continent. The severity of disease
incidence is expanding at an alarming rate due to the emergence of new begomoviruses with greater ability to infect this crop in almost all the major chilli producing regions of India. The study demonstrated the application of RNAi-mediated approach in providing resistance against diverse monopartite and bipartite begomoviruses associated with ChiLCD.