Ph.D. Program in Plant Molecular Biology

Friday Seminar by Dr Rajeev Ranjan

AKT Lab/ Friday/ September 14, 2018/3.30 pm/ Hormonal control of anther dehiscence
Category: Research

Hormonal control of anther dehiscence



Reproductive success of flowering plants depends on apposite development of pollen grains and its timely release onto the stigma. Dehiscence of anther wall is synchronized with the pollen maturation which allows timely release of the pollen grains. Many factors orchestrate to ensure timely rupture of the anther wall and release of completely mature pollen grains. Phytohormones regulate almost every aspect of plant growth and development. Reproductive development is also regulated by spatio-temporal rise and decline of various phytohormones. Recent efforts to elucidate the importance of phytohormones in reproductive development have highlighted the role of auxin and jasmonic acid in the process of anther dehiscence in Arabidopsis and rice. Present talk will discuss the progress made towards understanding of regulation of anther dehiscence process in Arabidopsis and rice.


Suggested Readings:


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