Ph.D. Program in Plant Molecular Biology

friday seminar by Ms. Vaishali

SR Lab/Friday/ May 25, 2018/ 3.30 pm/ OsNRT, 1A (a nitrate transporter): function in plant growth and Development
Category: Research

Title - OsNRT1.1A  (a nitrate transporter): Function in plant growth and development



Nitrate (NO3) is not only  essential source of nitrogen and but also a signalling molecule which triggers many physiological and developmental processes, ranging from the control of root and shoot development, germination, lowering, or its own transport and assimilation. Nitrogen (N) is also key player in crop yield improvement, but application of high levels of N delays flowering, prolonging maturation and thus increasing the risk of yield losses. OsNRT1.1A (OsNPF6.3), a member of the rice (Oryza sativa L.) nitrate transporter 1/peptide transporter family, is involved in regulating N utilization and flowering, providing a target to produce high yield and early maturation simultaneously. OsNRT.1A has functionally diverged from previously reported NRT1.1 genes in plants, and functions in up-regulating the expression of N utilization-related genes not only for nitrate but also for ammonium, as well as flowering-related genes. The study paves a path for the use of a single gene to dramatically increase yield and shorten maturation time for crops, outcomes that promise to substantially increase world food security.
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