Ph.D. Program in Plant Molecular Biology

Friday seminar by Ms. Shaloo Meena

PK Lab/ Friday/May11, 2018/ 3.30 pm./ Alternative splicing : Key regulator for thermotolerance
Category: Research

Alternative Splicing: Key regulator for thermotolerance



Shaloo Meena

Alternative splicing (AS) is a mechanism by which different forms of mature mRNA are generated from the same gene, and these mRNA have different cellular functions or properties. AS is a key mechanism that eukaryotes use to produce diverse transcriptomes and proteomes to support cellular functions, including abiotic stress responses. The role of AS inestablishing priming memory and recovery in heat stress is largely unexplored. AS patterns ensure differential regulation of protein abundance to allow plants to overcome heat stress. Recent RNA-Seq analysis of gene expression and splicing events in heat-stress primed and non-primed plants, revealed AS as a novel and vital component of heat-stress priming induced memory.These AS responses to heat stress are species-specific. However, regulatory mechanisms underlying plant pre-mRNA splicing in the environmental stress conditions remain elusive. Another protein STABILIZED1 (STA1), has been characterized that has pre-mRNA splicing activity for heat-inducible transcripts including heat stress transcription factors and various heat shock proteins for the establishment of  heat stress tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana. STA1 activity for pre-mRNA splicing serves as a molecular regulatory mechanism underlying the plant stress tolerance to high temperature stress.



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