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Friday Seminar by Ms. Bhoomika Dhiman

AKS Lab/ Friday/ December 1, 2017/3.30 pm/ Light Mediated Response in Tomato Fruit Ripening
Category: Research



Light regulates variety of developmental processes in plants. Phytochromes and Cryptochromes are the major photoreceptors which activate/suppress various photomorphogenic genes. Studies carried out on light signalling components in Tomato have revealed their role in various developmental processes. In fruits, they predominantly affect the phytonutrient content, mainly lycopenes. Manipulation of Light signalling components like COP1like and Hy5 have shown their antagonistic affect in pigment accumulation. The genes responsible for light hyper responsive high pigment mutants of tomato hp1 and hp2 have been reported to be homologues of Arabidopsis DDB1 and DET1 respectively, both of which are involved in the light signalling pathways. Tomatoes are the principle source of ‘carotenoids’ in human diet and are a rich source of Vitamin A. Elucidation of light signalling in Tomato fruit ripening has allowed its manipulation to obtain phytonutrient rich tomato fruits.