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Friday seminar by Ms. Lisha Kungar

AG Lab/ Friday/ February 8, 2019/ 3.30 pm/ Protein content in Maize: Engineering the amino acid composition
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Protein Content in Maize: Engineering the amino acid composition

-Lisha Khungar


Maize is one of the most widely consumed crops around the world. Like other cereal crops, it is a good source for carbohydrates but is poor in protein quality. Zeins, the major group of maize endosperm storage proteins, lack two essential amino acids, lysine and tryptophan.  Hence, maize as a food source does not provide balanced nutrition. Researchers are trying to improve the kernel protein quality by reducing zein contents, therefore, efforts are being made to decipher the transcriptional regulation of zein genes. A research group in China has decoded a transcriptional factor, ZmbZIP22 which directly regulates 27-KD γ-zein gene. ZmbZIP22 is an endosperm specific nuclear protein that binds upstream to the coding sequence of 27-KD γ-zein gene and activates its transcription. The seminar talk would focus on the role of ZmbZIP22 on 27-KD γ-zein expression and the impact of loss-of-function mutation of ZmbZIP22 on the overall protein quality of maize kernels.