Message from the Head of the Department

During the present COVID-19 lockdown period, the Department is trying its best to ensure the continuation of the teaching-learning process to the extent possible. Teachers have shared the relevant reading materials with the students and are always available to answer their academic queries using the available means of electronic communication. We suggest all research students to utilize their time in reviewing their research, reading relevant literature, and exchanging ideas with their colleagues and mentors. The M.Sc. students are advised to go through the study materials and regularly check the University and Departmental websites for updates. 

The safety of scientific equipment is our prime concern. The proper functioning of vital equipment such as deep freezers, which contain samples, clones, kits, and other chemicals, in the lockdown period is important. We are coordinating in the best possible ways to regularly check the functioning of air conditioners and other accessories installed in the areas housing deep freezers and for regular cleaning of the common areas of the Department. 

We hope that the above measures will play their role in reducing the difficulties, which all of us are facing due to this unprecedented crisis. 

With best wishes
Prof. Anil Grover




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