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Friday seminar by Ms. Neelima Bora

SK Lab/ Friday/ February 22, 2019/ 3.30 pm/ Regulation of transcription factor Localization - Fine tuning of gene expression
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Regulation of Transcription Factor Localization

-Fine Tuning of Gene Expression


Neelima Boora



In eukaryotic cells the evolution of the nuclear envelop to define cytoplasmic and nuclear compartments led to a physical separation of transcription and translation. Nuclear proteins such as structural polypeptides or regulatory factors, which are implicit in this compartmentalisation and are synthesised in cytoplasm , have to be imported into the nucleus in order to exert to their activity. Regulating the access of a transcriptional regulator to nuclear compartment has been proved over the past years to represent a common way to switch transcription on and off. The different ways reported so far to regulate nuclear import and export of the transcriptional regulators will be discussed.