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Friday Seminar by Ms. Ridhi Khurana

SK Lab/ Friday/ January10, 2019/3.30 pm/ Intron mediated enhancement and regulation of gene expression
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Intron Mediated Enhancement  & Regulation of Gene Expression



Enhancement of gene expression, tissue-specific and spatial expression are important traits for crop improvement. Regulation of gene expression is attributed to various complex regulatory checkpoints at the transcriptional as well as the post-transcriptional levels. Cis-elements in promoters or upstream regulatory regions of genes, exon shuffling and alternative splicing mechanisms contributed by intronic gene segments regulate which genes are to be expressed in certain tissues and which genes are not to be expressed. Introns have also been shown to not only initiate but also enhance gene expression in mammals, insects, nematodes, yeast and plants by the mechanism of intron mediated enhancement, IME. IME includes any transcript where an intron-containing construct is expressed more than its intron-less counterpart. Reports of IME from different plant and animal groups show the evolutionary power of introns in regulating gene expression. Some of these reports from plant systems will be presented.

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