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Friday Seminar | Jan 8 | Shaloo Meena

PK-LAB | Friday Jan 8, 2016 | Heat Stress Mediated Histone Modification for Thermotolerance in Plants
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Heat Stress Mediated Histone Modification for Thermotolerance in Plants

Heat stress responses in plants has been well elaborated. Plants cope with high temperatures by different mechanisms that involve various HSF, HSP, and a  network of calcium and hormone signaling. In eukaryotes, DNA is wrapped around histone proteins to form a nucleosome structure. Histone protein tails can be covalently modified at different amino acids through modifications such as acetylation, phosphorylation,  glycosylation, biotinylation, sumoylation, etc. These modifications help in activation and repression of transcription of certain genes. In plants, acetylation has been well characterized that can be differently affected by heat stress. ATSF1A/B (Anti silencing function 1), histone chaperone and GCN5 which is a acetyl transferase in Arabidopsis facilitate H3K56, H3K9 and H3K14 acetylation there by associated with heat stress response by activating several HSPs and HSFs, and providing thermotolerance to plants.