Ph.D. Scholars Enrolled in the DPMB

No. Supervisor  Scholar Adhaar No. Ph.D.
Registration # Date of
Research Topic  Likely date of completion of Ph.D.  Availing Fellowship Yes I No  Funding Agency of Fellowship 
1 Prof. Akhilesh K. Tyagi Ankita Prusty (Voter ID) YNY 011902A Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2016/1114 14-Mar-6505 Functional analysis of genes involved in seed development in rice 16-Aug-2021 Yes DST
2 Prof. J.P. Khurana Shipra Singh 402439429093 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2016/1116 16-Aug-2016 Functional analysis of genes involved in light and hormone signalling in rice and Arabidopsis 16-Aug-2021 Yes Univ. of Delhi
3   Amarjot Kaur
936015303837 Full
SF-1/Ph.D/ 2011/835 29-Jul-2011 Transcriptome analysis of cold and submergence responsive genes and functional analysis of OsbZIP62 in regulating reproductive development in rice 28-Jul-2017 No NA
4   Satyam Vergish 518225492441 Full
SF-1/Ph.D/ 2013/940 22-Jul-2013 Role of F-box proteins in light signalling and biological clock in rice. 22-Jul-2018 yes ICMR
5   Nitin Jain 840998878285 Full
SF-1/Ph.D/ 2011/837 29-Jul-2011 Role of some F-box protein coding genes in light, hormone and stress signaling in rice. 28-Jul-2017 No NA
6   Akanksha Bhatnagar 301847204732 Full
SF-1/Ph.D/ 2013/925 16-Apr-2013 Functional characterization of genes involved in regulating the development and abiotic stress response in rice 16-Apr-2018 yes CSIR
7   Eshan Sharma 807939255377 Full
SF-1/Ph.D/ 2012/908 16-Nov-2012 Functional characterization of some stress response genes in rice 16-Nov-2017 Yes CSIR
8 Prof. Paramjit Khurana Chanderkant Chowdhary 632364840765 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2012/960 12-Jul-2012 Wheat chromosom 2A BAC end sequencing and functional characterization of genes associated with stress tolerance 11-Jul-2017 Yes DBT
9   Naveen Sharma 253000276924 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2011/841 29-Jul-2011 Sequencing of wheatBACs and functional analysis of genes associated with abiotic stress 28-Jul-2017 Yes UGC
10   Nikita Sharma 987174480807 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2017/1158 19-Jan-2017 Molecular regulation of plant somatic embryogenesis 19-Jan-2021 Yes UGC
11   Nisha Negi 489677457869 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2013/966 23-Oct-2013 Genetic manipulation of M. indica variety V. 22-Oct-2018 Yes DST
12   Shaloo Meena 698619714109 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2015/1040 22-May-2015 Comparative and functional genomics of the thermal stress response in wheat 21-May-2020 Yes DBT
13 Prof. Anil Grover Garima Singh 4996 7889 8822 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2013/939 22-Jul-2013 Regulation of heat stress genes in rice and Arabidopsis 30-Sep-2018 Yes UGC
14   Lalit Dev Tiwari 489299301752 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2013/927 16-Apr-2013 Functional relevance of heat shock genes in Arabidopsis and rice 15-Apr-2018 Yes UGC
15   Richa Babbar (Voter ID) SJE0588509 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2013/933 22-Jul-2013 Analysis of heat stress response in rice and Arabidopsis 21-Jul-2018 Yes DST
16   Rinchuila Shimphurai (Voter ID) MMJ0350272 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2016/1117 14-Sep-2016 Heat stress biology in plants 13-Sep-2021 Non-Net UGC
17   Ritesh Kumar 985362866414 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2013/941 22-Jul-2013 Studies on the gene expression under stress condition in rice 21-Jul-2018 Yes UGC
18 Prof. Indranil Dasgupta Gaurav Kumar   Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2011/849 11-Nov-2011 Molecular analysis of stress response dynamics in rice (Oryza sativa L.) against rice tungro viruses and assessment of RNAi mediated viral resistance in transgenic and backcrossed rice varieties 10-Nov-2017 Yes  
19   Kamlesh Kumari   Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2015/1059 29-Oct-2015 Studies on interaction of rice with its viruses 28-Oct-2021 Yes UGC
20   Kanika Gupta   Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2015/1057 29-Oct-2016 Functional studies on viral promoters 28-Oct-2021 Yes DST
21   Madhvi Naresh    Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2014/987 15-Apr-2014 Plant gene silencing induced by virus injection 14-Apr-2019 Yes UGC
22 Prof. Sanjay Kapoor Gautam Gawande 228095607200 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2015/1056 29-Oct-2015 Identification and functional characterization of gene regulatory networks involved in plant reproductive development 28-Oct-2020 Yes UGC-BSR
23   Ridhi Khurana 463276785813 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2017/1157 19-Jan-2017 Functional characterization of regulators of seed development in rice 18-Jan-2022 No  
24   Vibha Verma 589256669101 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2013/929 16-Apr-2013 Functional delineation of regulatory components involved in the process of starch biosynthesis 15-Apr-2018 Fellow
ship over on September 2016
25   Neelima Boora   Full
  29-Oct-2015   28-Oct-2020 Yes CSIR-JRF
26 Prof. Arun Sharma Amrapali 230043191551 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2012/904 23-Aug-2012 Study of mechanism of action of  Methyl CpG binding-domain proteins AtMBD1and AtMBD13 in gene regulation in Arabidopsis 22-Feb-2018 Yes UGC
27   Bhoomika 761092853200 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2016/1115 16-Aug-2016 Regulation of ripening in tomato by genetic manipulation of the epigenome 15-Aug-2021 Yes DBT
28   Priya Gambhir 297153682352 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2015/1062 29-Oct-2015 Characterization of roles of ethylene response factor during tomato fruit ripening 28-Oct-2020 Yes DBT
29   Utkarsh
KNV4564068 (Voter ID) Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2014/999 12-Aug-2014 Transcriptome analysis and genetic manipulation for improving tomato fruit quality 11-Aug-2018 Yes DBT
30   Vijendra Singh 533775373673 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2015/1065 29-Oct-2015 Characterization of the role of proteins interacting with Arabidopsis DNA binding domain proteins 28-Oct-2020 Yes UGC
31 Prof. Girdhar K. Pandey Indu Tokas                
32   Kanwaljeet Kaur 615218546954 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2015/1039 15-Jun-2015 Interplay between kinases and phosphatases 14-Jun-2020 Yes DBT
33   Manisha Sharma 660609876662 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2014/989 7-May-2014 Functional characterization of Armadillo gene family 6-May-2017 Yes CSIR
34   Sibaji K. Sanyal 779603392008 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2014/1024 17-Dec-2014 Plant Ca2+ signaling 31-Mar-2018 Yes DBT
35   Saroj Kumar Jha 533340697629 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2014/975 6-Jan-2014 Functions of Ca2+ transporters 5-Jan-2019 Yes DST
36 Dr Saurabh Raghuvanshi Deepika Sharma 798135565269 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2015/1055 29-Oct-2015 Analysis of drought responsive regulatory network in plants 28-Oct-2020 Yes UGC
37   Pratibha Gour 885387501542 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2015/1016 29-Oct-2015 Somatic digitization and characterization of molecular networks in rice 28-Oct-2019 Yes UGC
38   Santosh Kumar (Passport No. J-3387558) Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2012/897 12-Jul-2012 Study of epigenetic regulatory mechanisms in rice 11-Dec-2017 Yes DBT
39   Vaishali 580547215504 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2016/1118 26-Aug-2016 To study miRNA expression and regulation in rice 25-Aug-2020 Yes UGC Non-Net
40 Dr Surekha Katiyar-Agarwal Balaji M.  653915388188 Full
SDC-12/12 12-Jul-2012 Molecular characterization of stress associated proteins in plants 11-Jul-2017 No UGC Non-Net
41   Cheeni Vijayakumar 237939439213 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2013/926 16-Apr-2013 Functional characterization of Arabidopsis Hsfs 12-Jul-2018 Yes UGC
42   Jyothish M.S. 693808792919 Full
SF-1/Ph.D./ 2012/899 12-Jul-2012 Molecular studies on gene regulation during stress and development in plants 11-Jul-2018 Yes UGC

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