Arun K. Sharma


Specialization: Regulation of gene expression & Biotechnology
Research Interests: 

My group is interested in basic understanding of gene expression and application of this knowledge for improvement or quality addition, with special emphasis on tomato crop. Efforts have been made to understand the mechanism of gene silencing in plants. Our study has indicated that plants have the presence of genes, similar to mammalian genes coding for methylated DNA binding proteins. Role of these proteins in gene silencing is being studied. Attempts are being made to alter gene regulation to produce tomato plants for tolerance to cold stress. A family of stress associated protein has been characterized from tomato. To achieve better understanding of cold tolerance phenomenon, cold up-regulated and cold down-regulated genes were identified by analysis of cold up-regulated and cold down-regulated subtraction libraries. In order to understand and delay ripening of tomato fruits, around 80 genes related to fruit ripening have been cloned. These genes would be used for studying the mechanism of regulation of fruit ripening by ethylene. Role of LeMADS-RIN, a MADS box transcription factor has been studied by comparison of transcriptome of fruits of a mutant for this gene with transcriptome of fruits of wild type tomato by microarray analysis. Gene encoding this transcription factor has been down-regulated in tomato by RNAi approach to generate tomato fruits with improved shelf life. Tomato has also been used as a bio-factory to produce bacterial antigen which could vaccinate against cholera. Tomato plants were transformed with genes coding for various antigens of Vibrio cholerae with the aim of developing edible vaccine against cholera. Plant-expressing cholera antigen has been found to induce production of antibodies specific to this antigen. Along with other colleagues at the department, I was involved in effort for sequencing a part of chromosome 5 of tomato towards an international effort on sequencing of tomato genome.

Select Publications
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