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Sk Lab/Friday/ April 26, 2019/ 3.30pm/ Plant Hormones and Histone Modifications
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Plant Hormones and Histone Modifications

Another layer to regulation of gene expression




Plant growth regulators orchestrate a variety of developmental processes. They also help plants in combating, overcoming or tolerating abiotic and biotic stresses. This orchestration is mediated in most cases by transcription factors which specifically act in response to the plant hormones. The hormone mediated transcriptional regulation may be either positive, increased gene expression in response to hormone or negative transcriptional downregulation. Recent studies have identified another layer to the regulation of gene expression by plant hormones which involves interactions of the hormone response machinery with the histone modification machinery. Protruding amino acid tails of histones from histone octamers are subject to methylation, acetylation, phosphorylation and ubiquitination. The occurrence of these modifications at specific amino acid residues correlates to actively transcribed genes and repressed genes. How two plant hormones, ethylene and auxin influence or how their response machinery recruits either histone acetylases or deacetylases to turn genes on and off will be discussed today.

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