2018 Ph.D. Admissions (Interview List)

Friday Seminar by Ms. Kanika Gupta

IDG Lab/ Friday/ January 18, 2019/ 3.30 pm/ Plant Viruses and the Ubiquitin Proteasome Machinery
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Plant Viruses and the Ubiquitin Proteasome Machinery




Ub-mediated degradation is widely conserved across the eukaryotic kingdoms and protein degradation by the UPS plays a central role in many processes in plants. Given the importance of Ub attachment in regulating the fate and function of proteins, it is not surprising that viruses have found many ways to exploit and interfere with the UPS. In the case of plant viruses, a connection between the Ub system and virus infection was suggested by early observations indicating that perturbation of the Ub conjugation pathway altered plant responses to infection with Tobacco mosaic virus. There are many findings that suggest the importance of Ub-related pathways during viral infection in plants. However, appreciation of the full involvement of the UPS in the regulation of plant-virus interactions has long been limited by the extreme paucity of known targets. It is only recently that a number of viral proteins acting in these processes have been identified and possible mechanisms are proposed. It is likely that many more examples remain to be discovered. My aim is to summarize current knowledge and discuss different aspects of the involvement of the UPS in plant-virus interactions. The exquisite versatility of Ub conjugation, combined with the remarkable capacity of viruses to manipulate regulatory pathways, hold promise for exciting discoveries in the future.