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SK Lab/Friday/ December21, 2018/ 3.30 pm/ Starch Biosynthesis in Cereal Pollen
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Starch Biosynthesis in Cereal Pollen


-Gautam Gawande



Starch is the major storage carbohydrate in plants and exists as either transitory starch (in leaves) or storage starch (in cereal endosperm). It gets accumulated in both photosynthetic tissues (leaves) as well as non-photosynthetic tissues (seeds, roots, tubers and pollen grains). During pollen development, right after vacuolated microspore stage of pollen grains, starch synthesis begins and continues until maturity. Starch is stored in pollen grains not only to serve as a source of energy for pollen germination, but it also serves as a determinant of pollen maturity. In many cases, pollen maturation seems to be permanently hampered if starch levels remain below a certain threshold level. Thus, pollen non-viability in some cases, is associated with starch deficiency also and hence, makes starch biosynthesis pathway an important aspect to understand. Reports show that coordinated action of multiple genes are required to accomplish starch biosynthesis and degradation. Pathway of starch biosynthesis in leaves and cereal endosperm is well studied but understanding of how the components are routed to pollen grains and whether same or different set of genes are assigned for starch biosynthesis in pollen grains remains to be fully defined.

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