Jitendra P. Khurana

Friday Seminar by Dr. Vijay Gahlaut

PK Lab/ Friday/ November3,2017/ November 3, 2017/3.30pm/ Role of epigenetic in thermotolerance and stress memory in plants.
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Title: Role of Epigenetics in Thermotolerance and Stress Memory in Plants

Dr. Vijay Gahlaut


Plants are sessile organisms that gauge and react to stressful conditions in order to ensure reproductive success and survival. Such stressful conditions include extreme temperatures, drought, salinity and cold stress. In nature, these are often chronic or recurring. Thus, plants have evolved strategies to remember a past exposure to stress and get better prepared for the next incident. In recent years, chromatin modifications, nucleosome positioning, and DNA methylation have emerged as important components in these adaptations. Further, these epigenetic regulations may provide a mechanistic basis for a stress memory and enabling plants to respond more efficiently to recurring stress. It could even prepare their offspring for potential future environmental stresses. Recently, some important genes like SDC, FIE1 and HSFA2 have been identified to be involved in epigenetic regulation during heat stress responses and in stress memory.