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Friday Seminar by Dr. Priyanka Deveshwar

AKT Lab/ Friday/ September 29, 2017/ 3.30 pm/ Designing New Plant Architecture for Better Yield
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Designing New Plant Architecture for Better Yield

Dr. Priyanka Deveshwar

Improvement of rice productivity is absolutely essential for providing food security across the globe. Genes for semi-dwarfism were used for major improvement in grain productivity during “Green Revolution”. Now, decades after it, saturation is reached where further increase in the yield potential of the existing elite cultivars is very challenging. Of late, a new plant architecture type also called as ‘Ideal Plant Architecture’ (IPA) is proposed that can improve the rice yield potential. IPA comprises of larger panicles, stronger culms and fewer sterile tillers. SPL14, a gene encoding a SQUAMOSA PROMOTER BINDING PROTEIN-LIKE transcription factor is elaborately shown to regulate IPA trait. SPL14 also known as IPA1 is evidently shown to be regulated at epigenetic, transcriptional and post transcriptional levels. The protein is shown to regulate two traits, viz., panicle branching and tiller number, via distinct tissue specific regulations. Further, IPA1 itself is shown to be regulated by a plant hormone, strigolactone. Fine tuning of IPA1 expression and its pyramiding with other yield enhancing QTLS can enable molecular designing of new high yielding super rice varieties.