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JPK Lab/ Friday / September1, 2017/ 3.30pm / Effect of OsKO2 regulation on plant height
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Effect of OsKO2 regulation on plant height

Plant architecture is of major agronomic importance as it determines the adaptability of plant to cultivation, its harvest index and potential grain yield. Rice plant architecture is mainly determined by tiller pattern, plant height, leaf shape and arrangement, and panicle architecture. Plant height is an important agronomic trait which directly influences harvest index and yield potential. A number of genes have been identified which affect the plant height. Most of these genes encode for gibberellic acid (GA) and brassinosteroid biosynthetic or signalling pathway components. OsKO2 is one of the GA biosynthetic gene in rice, which encodes for ent-kaurene oxidase. This gene is a target of many transcription factors which are involved in controlling plant height.


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