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PK Lab/friday/August18/2017/3.30pm./Ubiquitination in plant stress response.
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Ubiquitination in Plant Stress Response
ubiquitin is a highly conserved post-translational protein modifier. Ubiquitination or covalent attachment of ubiquitin to a target protein by the ubiquitnation (UBS) determines the fate of the target protein. UBS components play a key role in the regulation and turnover of regulatory proteins. A staggering diversity observed in the enzymes involved in the UBS pathway and its rapid reaction rate make it a highly efficient mechanism for responding to rapid changes in the environment. The process of ubiquitination involves a three step enzyme cascade comprising of enzymes E1, E2 and E3. E3s provide the recognition component in the pathway and thus show maximum diversity. Several E3s with role in abiotic stress response have been described which show how this pathway controls various cellular processes.
Dr. Bushra Saeed

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