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Friday Seminar by Dr. Amit Pareek

AKS Lab/Friday/Aug4/2017/3.30pm/- Jasmonate and Ethylene co-actions
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Title- Jasmonate and Ethylene co-actions

There are currently dozens of identified phytohormones in plant cells and they act in concert to regulate plant growth, development, metabolism and defense. Among phytohormones, jasmonate and ethylene present a fascinating case of synergism and antagonism. They are commonly recognized as defense hormones that act synergistically as well as in antagonistic manner. Plants impaired in jasmonate and/or ethylene signaling are susceptible to infections by necrotrophic fungi, suggesting that both of these hormones are required for defense. JA promotes ethylene biosynthesis in apple fruit ripening through the regulation of MdERFs and ethylene biosynthetic genes by MdMYC2. It supports co action mechanism of both hormones. Moreover, jasmonate and ethylene also act antagonistically, such as in the regulation of apical hook curvature and wounding responses. Ethylene stabilized transcription factors (EIN3 and EIL1) integrate ET and JA signaling in the regulation of gene expression, root development, and necrotrophic pathogen defense. EIN3/EIL1 works as a key integration node whose activation requires both JA and ET signaling, and illustrate transcriptional de-repression as a common mechanism to integrate diverse signaling pathways in the regulation of plant development and defense.


Amit Pareek

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