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Friday Seminar July 28, 2017 by Dr. Adwaita Prasad Parida

AKS lab/Friday /July 28/2017/3.30 p.m./Mediators of DNA methylation mediated gene regulation.
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Mediators of DNA methylation mediated gene regulation

Adwaita Prasad Parida

In higher eukaryotes, two major epigenetic pathways play important roles in the regulation of gene expression by modifying chromatin, namely DNA methylation and histone modifications. DNA methyltransferases convert cytosine to 5-methylcytosine. There is a direct relation between DNA methylation and chromatin remodeling. The DNA methyltransferases directly or indirectly involve in chromatin modification. They interact with proteins/enzymes that involve in modifications of histones. Again, there are some proteins which bind to methylated cytosine (MBDs, VIMs, SP1, Kasio, ZBTB4 and ZBTB38). These proteins interact with methylated DNA as well as histone-modifying enzymes and regulate gene expression through chromatin modification. The interplay between methyltransferases, methylated DNA binding proteins and chromatin modifying enzymes determine the fate chromatin state and gene regulation.

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