Friday Seminar | Jan 29 | Vibha Verma

SK-LAB | Friday Jan 29, 2016 | Functional Delineation of Regulatory Components Involved in the Process of Starch Biosynthesis in Rice
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Functional Delineation of Regulatory Components Involved in the Process of Starch Biosynthesis in Rice

Ms. Vibha Verma (SK-LAB)

Earlier studies in our laboratory on OsMADS29 have shown that MADS29 is a seed specific transcription factor, whose transcripts are induced to high levels soon after fertilization in developing seeds. The experiments targeted at delineation of MADS29 function have also shown its involvement in maintaining auxin:cytokinin homeostasis. The ectopic expression of OsMADS29 (MADS29OX) in rice, shifts the hormonal balance towards cytokinins resulting in a dwarf phenotype. The constitutive expression of OsMADS29 in tobacco BY2 cells, was found to mimic exogenous application of cytokinins, leading to the differentiation of proplastids into amyloplasts and deposition of starch granules. OsMADS29, therefore, seems to be an important transcription factor having a strong influence on plastid biogenesis and starch biosynthesis pathway. Temporal distribution of OsMADS29 in rice seed’s developmental stages showed absence of protein from S1 and S2 stages, which had highest accumulation of the transcript. We hypothesize an miRNA-based translational repression mechanism responsible for negligible protein levels in S1 and S2 stages. Also, OsMADS29 needs to dimerize with another OsMADS29 monomer or one of 11 other seed-specific MADS proteins. Its monomeric form does not localize in the nucleus.

Currently I am working on:

  1. Establishing BY-2 cell lines to decipher the role of MADS29 on cytokinin pathway, plastid biogenesis and starch biosynthesis
  2. Characterizing Physcomitrella MADS29 overexpression transgenics
  3. Delineating molecular components involved in the nuclear transport of MADS29
  4. Deciphering translational repression/block of MADS29 during S1-S2 seed stages

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