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GKP Lab/ Friday/ November 22, 2019/ 3.30 pm/ "Auxinating towards gravity: "PIN-pointing" downwards
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“Auxinating” towards gravity: “PIN-pointing” downwards


All living beings feel a sense of attraction towards the Earth, a force called ‘gravity’, pulling us down, enabling our bodies to walk on the surface. What about other living organisms such as plants? How do they know, where to grow, which direction to follow? Apart from experiencing and exhibiting different types of movements, termed as ‘tropisms’, geotropism involving both the negative and positive gravitropic responses of plants, pose a highly interesting domain of research. Evolution of plants witnessed a major event of mechanizing an efficient system of gravity perception, which especially aided their conquest on land. Thus, ‘fast root gravitropism’ has emerged in the land-dwelling plants as a crucial adaptive response, acting in an architectural innovation to reach the water and nutrients, more efficiently. Reinforcing the cruciality of auxin in mediating root gravitropic responses, statocytes or the statolith containing root cap cells, have been recently reported to form and work under the influence of auxin, enabling gravity perception and response in plant roots.

Apart from this, a rather new dimension has been added to the gravitropism research wherein, the initial root bending responses under the force of gravity acts as an initial cue for governing the apical hook formation, during seed germination.




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